Company Profile

Small Arms Munitions Company Profile

Company Profile

SAMS, Small Arms Munitions Systems, is a holding company specializing in small arms munitions systems; and, related services. The network of companies, beginning in 1943 with Petersen’s Gun-Exchange (PGE), includes a culmination of corporations that manufacture munitions components and/or offer related services; and, co-op with other munitions manufacturing companies worldwide in order to create unique products around the world.

Our Vision

Continue Accelerating to the Next Generation of product Innovations and achieve new Paradigms in Small Arms Munitions Systems. In a world with never-ending changes in industry application’s, only with the resulting opportunity challenges and customers looking for needed solutions; so, SAMS consistently helps overcome such challenges in a forward thinking and ‘Out of the box’ ways to provide industry solutions.

Innovations over Five-Decades Of experience provides SAMS with the DNA building blocks needed to always stay ahead of new eras in Small Arms Munitions Systems.

SAMS acts as the catalyst to project innovations throughout its network in order to achieve new paradigms, and stay ahead of the competition. This Vision continues to act as SAMS guiding principle after over 50-years with some of our Co-op-Partners.At SAMS, Innovation always means improvement. Without Innovations, forward movement is not possible. This principle serves as a steady guide for SAMS network of companies as we continually take on new challenges, new responsibilities and new problems with our new client’s.