1930’s – 1940’s


The effects of the Depression had less effect on the oldest SAMS family owned business division than other companies due to the fact that the unique products and services that we’re being provided were critical to both the Civilian and Agency markets.

1940 Ammo Line Men

  • 1934 The founder of Petersen’s Gun Exchange (PGE) as a family owned business: In order to fill the need for an honest law abiding company to engage in outright civilian small-arms purchasing and offering consignment and exchange services; so, applied for and was granted an FFL from the state of California, USA.
  • PGE First expanded when merged with PETERSEN’S Custom Ammunition Manufacturing in 1970 specializing in Ammunition manufacturing, having made extreme strides in Match-Grade Ammunition Manufacturing processes and Handgun Shot Shell technologies. Petersen and Smith (P&S) Sporting Goods was acquired in 1976. The companies would merge into Petersen and Son Inc. in 1979.


Because of the war looming again, and the resulting need for families to offset their lack of revenue; so, PGE would expand its efforts to assist the active military and veteran’s families through various charities and employment opportunities.

  • 1946 The privet individual FFL licensed business was expanded to a family owned business under Petersen’s Gun Exchange llc. (PGE) still operating in the state of California, USA.

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