1970 – 1974

Though the Vietnam War was ending, the small arms market was expanding and the new PGE network would be known for their new innovations in small arms ammunition for the civilian marketplace, and some unique application’s weapons designs.

1970 Optical Comparitor

  • 1972 The PGE network merged with P&S Sporting Goods and Ammunition Manufacturing Company, after the partnership was bought out by the younger Petersen. P&S specialized in custom Ammunition manufacturing, having made extreme strides in Match-Grade Ammunition Manufacturing and several innovations in Handgun Shot Shell technologies.
  • 1973 The “PETERSENS” brand of handgun shot shell ammunition would be introduced to the civilian market as the first fully functional 45-ACP Shot-Shell. In the mid-70’s the PETERSENS shot shell was the first certified safe ammunition for use by Air Marshal’s in the new Detonics “Combat Master” sub-compact 45-ACP pistol using the PETERSENS “45-Auto-Shot” Shot-shell cartridge.
  • 1974 The PETERSENS division of the new company would develop the shot cartridge family of ammunition for all currently manufactured Civilian pistols from 41 to 45 caliber. The first family developed was the “Mag-Shot” including the 41-Magshot, 44-Magshot and a 45-Magshot; then, followed by the 45-Coltshot for use in current factory handguns. Demonstrations were conducted at several Civilian Gun-clubs including shooting Skeet with handguns. Demonstrations and unique application’shooting events were also conducted for representatives of local law enforcement agencies, FBI and SWAT events.

1975 – 1979

  • 1975 – 1979 The PETERSENS division would continue to expand the revolver shot-shell family of ammunition to Full-Cylinder ‘Long-Shot’ ammunition in several shot sizes. In addition to expanding the pistol shot-shell concept of ammunition to several rifle platforms that were originally chambered for straight-wall cartridges, including the 444-Marlin and the 45-70-XXX Government ammunition. During the Middle Eastern extremely close door-to-door fighting encounter scenarios, where using a single projectile could injure innocent bystanders and friendly forces; so, the PETERSENS division would work with various arms manufactures to convert the standard 308 cartridge assault weapons to shot cartridges. The PETERSENS designed shot cartridges were distributed under several trade names and came in 44-caliber, Full-Auto capable, and Long-Shot cartridges loaded with shot sizes from a #12 & #9 mix, #7 ½, #6 and BB.
  • 1975 – 1979 The PETERSENS Engineering and Design division would develop three specialized firearms for the Civilian Sport-Shooting market including the first short-stroke lever-action Silhouette target pistol in 444-Marlin in order to win against the new Thompson Contender chambered for large center-fire cartridges at the International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association (IHMSA) competitions.
  • 1976 Petersen and Smith (P&S) Sporting Goods was acquired and the companies merged under the name Petersen and Son Sporting Goods LLC (P&S).
  • 1979 P&S would launch a consulting sub-division: Technical Help Incorporated ‘Thinc!™ after acquiring a number of electronics manufacturing companies including Shugart Corporation and International Memories Incorporated.

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