2010’s – 2019’s

2010’s – 2019’s

Synergy Business Development, Intl. an Arms and Munitions Holding Company. Would continue to be responsible for developing small arms munitions for Para-military, State and Federal, and Government Agency Applications throughout the world as a pseudo/ghost Trademark and Trade naming service company.

Product Montoge


  • 2010 SBD’s Engineering Team (Thinc!) also became responsible forProduct Design, New Product Introduction, and Process Development Services through High-Capacity international Manufacturing for both Commercial and Civilian product markets.
  • 2010 SBD would develop and implement an updated COLOR CODING program for all ammunition and projectiles not restricted by the client specifications. Color Coding began because of input by the Lead-Inspector’s recommendations as an expansion of the internal color coding of products to help identify product staged for different inspection criteria’s. Working with several agencies and military standards representatives to best incorporate historic color coding, and to incorporate several new projectile configurations. As part of the color coding program, Thinc! would work with one of the largest Ink-Jet Printer companies to develop a high-speed water resistant color coding production process.2016 E.L.P. International Proojectile Color Code Matrix
  • 2010 SBD received a client request to solve multiple application needs with one projectile. The Replace-A-Core (RAC) concept was developed. ELP Working with Alibaba’s help to find a Neodymium Magnet Factory ELP Engineering developed the first magnetic replaceable core family of small-arms-projectiles. This family allowed field alterations of loaded ammunition projectiles/bullets in order to better address unique applications in the field from Penetration to Scatter-Ball-Fragmentation and Flechette technologies named Dragon’s Teeth (DT).

2011 – 2012

  • 2011 ELP developed the first family of penetrator ammunition incorporating the RPM properties of projectiles from small high-speed 22-Rim-fire calibers to the 338 and 50-Calibers. Because this required the development of extremely high-speed-balancing equipment air bearing balancing systems were designed to correlate with RPM levels exceeding 200,000 RPM’s Adapted the ‘Kite-tail’ principle in the Javelin projectile family.
  • 2012 ELP developed the safest explosive family of small arms projectiles, from 22 Rim fire calibers to 45 calibers. These products were also incorporated with capsulated chemicals solving dangerous insect, rodent and predatory hives and infestations.
  • 2012 ELP developed the first family of electronically ignited, Caseless Projectiles (Mini-Rockets) under .50 calibers. These projectiles were also integrated into firing systems with some of the highest fire rates in the world.

2013 – 2014

  • 2013 ELP developed the first family of High-Speed Ultralight, Extreme-Range Glider projectiles. Due to the required balance between speeds over 4,000 FPS, and capable of traveling down a rifled launch system, however causing no more damage than current projectiles at a much slower FPS. Later in 2013, these projectiles would have a Turbine texture added to the inner and outer surfaces.
  • 2013 ELP incorporated three different Turbine textures formed into the projectile surface. This not only improved flight trajectories, a secondary benefit would reduce friction and heat variations caused by variations in barrel bores, lands and grooves. Improved both speed and accuracy as reflected in the gulf-ball-dimple effect.
  • 2014 ELP developed the first family of ammunition with projectiles specifically designed to achieve extremely high-speeds and light-weight for use in ultra-light and small drones. This product has transitioned from more common lightweight steel core and copper jacketed projectiles with concentrated charges, to ultralight hollow-core aluminum projectiles with turbine texturing both inside and out.
  • 2014 Plasma Projectiles came into existence as part of a bet with a client. The bet, start snow avalanches half a mile away without endangering humans to set explosives, and where helicopter dropped explosive packs could not be used due to weather conditions. With the help of one of our new offshore co-op metallurgical companies the answer was laminated plasma projectile based on the principle behind what happens when the properties of Thermite come into contact with Ice and Snow. Winning the bet resulted in the client’s production request for Plasma projectiles for high-powered Rifles and large gauge shotguns. Would be sold as part of the Split in 2018.

2015 – 2019

    • 2015 Would see the release of ELP Chemically Infused Projectiles; yet, thanks to a Co-op project with one of the leading chemical manufacturing companies in Asia would also see the release in late 2015 and this family concept would expand to a family of Chemically Actuated Projectiles.
    • 2015 Chemically Activated Projectiles would be created in both Pre-Filled and sealed Alkali based materials, to name a few, and User-Fillable Projectiles would become part of the world’s small arms arsenal. Alkali based CAP’s would be sold as part of the Split in 2018.

2017 E.L.P. C.A.P.

  • 2015 The ELP division and a Micro-Electronics leader based in Asia would develop the first Micro-Transponders incorporated into small-arms projectiles, along with tracking applications that can even be used on commercial smart-phones. Would be sold as part of the Split in 2018.
  • 2016 After enlisting the help of the former Director of Engineering at one of the top three computer hard disk drive manufacturing companies and ELP, a high-speed digital encoding process was developed allowing for small-arms projectile ID tracking. This electronic coding allows projectiles to be read ‘decoded’ even at small fragmentation levels.
  • January 2018 the SBD Holding Company would be split, the majority of the company, supplier contracts and co-op-partners would be acquired by the founders of SBD and key engineering staff in order to create the new Small Arms Munitions Systems, International (SAMS) holding company scheduled for launch in mid-2019.

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