History Overview

One of SAMS business division’s date back over 8-Decades to 1934 as a family owned business, first expanded when merged with another company specializing in Ammunition Manufacturing, having made extrema strides in Match-Grade Ammunition Manufacturing processes and Handgun Shot Shell technologies released to the civilian market in 1962. In a continual effort to stay ahead of industry innovations this business team would negotiate the merger of a provider of products to one of the largest Agency Support and Distribution Companies in the United States. In the next 20-years three more companies would become part of this Co-op network of companies under an international holding company, Synergy Business Development (SBD), Intl. with innovative products and processes’ taking what was a small family business to new heights in innovations for this industry to what is now a global level.
In January of 2018, SBD would be split, yet a major portion of the company’s assets and key personnel would become part of the new Small Arms Munitions Systems (SAMS) network of companies. SAMS would further invoke University and Scientific Think-tanks to continue driving innovations in all forms of Small Arms products including: The Individual Emergency Defense Systems (IEDS) family, the civilian version of Micro-GPS Tracking Projectiles, and Adjustable Frequency Night-Vision and Tracer Projectiles. In addition to the development of Automated Sentinel Land Management Systems, in 2019 SAMS would achieve new paradigms in Drone-Flack projectiles, Develop Magnetic Field Based Ultra-High Velocity Projectiles & Related Launch Systems, Automated Sentinel Land Management Systems with even more applications on land or sea, Replace-A-Core (RAC’s), Chemically-Activated-Projectiles, Frequency Laser Trackers and Covert Tracers.