S.A.M.S. News

1.12. 2018

Synergy Business Development (SBD), a holding company, would be split. However, the majority of the company, including the supplier contracts and co-op-partners, would be acquired by the founders of SBD. The acquisition would include key engineering staff that would remain with the SBD founders in order to create the new Small Arms Munitions Systems, International (SAMS) holding company.


6.26. 2018

SAMS would complete all Engineering and Manufacturing Technology transfers, and re-establish support agreements including Military Specification inspection and sample size plans as identified in Mil-Spec-105-D, or customized to our client contract preferences.


Assm Ln Transmitter SM

SAMS would continue to offer custom Client’s Trade-naming and Trade-marking services, Client-Package-Labeling, Direct Worldwide Blind Distribution and F.O.B. Shipping Destination Services.

1.3. 2019

SAMS would establish a Temporary Marketing and Sales Office in the U.S.A. until the new corporate location can be established.

4.1. 2019

As part of the dis-positioning of Client contract manufacturing overruns, inspection lot sampling excess; and ,excess from ammunition demonstrations: SAMS launched a Global Excess Marketing and Sales networks for the sale of all excess small arms munitions and components. Excess Distribution Representatives (EDR’s) would support distribution for Global Markets. Contacts in the Eastern and Western Continental United States, Canada, the Asian Pacific-Rim, Europe and a Global Manager for E-Marketing networks such as Auctions and Alibaba. SEE Global Organization and Location Contacts.

9.1. 2019

The Extremely Lethal Projectile (ELP) division of Small-Arms-Munitions-Systems (S-A-M-S) plans to release to the commercial market the new Alltimate™ Rim-fire Product Families, having seven different families’ configurations, between now and 2020.