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We Value Our Global Supplier Networks:

Our relationships with qualified suppliers throughout the world who support the operation of our business are critical to SAMS ability to successfully deliver on its promises. SAMS is actively committed to a supplier selection process that provides all suppliers with an equal opportunity to present information about their organizations, products and services.

SAMS values, diversity, and inclusion in our Supply Chain. We are committed to promoting and partnering with innovative and competitive companies world-wide; so, those companies that know how to Think Out Of The Box, US Veteran-owned Companies, and businesses that support the American Way are highly valued.

Potential Suppliers

Potential suppliers must register their line of business. Click below to complete a brief survey to indicate your interest in doing business with SAMS.

Our Purchasing Director will provide your information to our Supply Chain team leaders for their consideration of your business and our needs. If this team is interested in pursuing a relationship with your company you will be contacted directly and may receive a request to complete and additional questionnaire related to their line of business.

Information provided by your company will be treated in a confidential manner and will be subject to reasonable and prudent safeguards against improper disclosure.

Registering as a potential supplier does not constitute approval of your company as a SAMS supplier.

Doing Business with SAMS: The Defense Industry Initiative Supplier Code of Conduct

We expect all subcontractors and their employees to act with honesty and integrity and deliver on their promises. As a long-time member of the Defense Industry Initiative on Business Ethics and Conduct, SAMS joins other defense companies who are committed to conducting business affairs at the highest ethical level and in full compliance with the law. To ensure the promotion of inter-organizational ethics (e.g. each part of the supply chain affects others), while limiting the number of codes flowed to common suppliers in the defense industry, we have officially replaced our former “Ethics Standards and Guidelines for Supplier Personnel” with the DII Model Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes an additional SAMS one page addendum. This document helps you understand your responsibility as a supplier to SAMS and guides you if you are faced with an Ethical question.