The Future

Beginning of a New Era

2019 The beginning of a new era in what began as a father’s dream in 1934.

The new SAMS network, and our  suppliers continue to be the leading providers of unique application’s small arms munitions systems and components with both manufacturing and distribution locations throughout the world. Now for the first time even more SAMS products will be exposed to new clients and the general Civilian Markets than ever before.

Flag Market

Innovations in the Future for the Small Arms Industries

The global ‘Civilian’ Small Arms Munition’s industry has been stagnant for several years with very few, if any, true innovations from the major companies; thus restricting, even blocking the release of innovations in the Civilian portion of this industry. Driven by re-invention, SAMS continues its efforts to support those companies with true innovations in order to reach new paradigms in small arms munitions and components, including individual protection.

New Products & Services

The Future, Coming Soon to a location near you. . .

  • Magnetic field innovations will exceed known projectile velocities, completely change flight distances, projectile trajectory, and even the ability to ‘Shoot Around Corners’ using global magnetic fields.
17 Mag Core
  • Bringing a new paradigm to areal ‘Flack’, water and ground vehicle concepts by disabling all types of electronic, jet and combustion engines by using munitions as small as a 12 Gauge shotgun round, even without projectile contact; so, close can count in more than just Horseshoes.
  • The family of Individual Emergency Defense Systems (IEDS), originally developed and passing live testing’s were certified in 2009, yet will only be conditionally released by 2020. This family will include the newest Graphene based Capacitor #7, the latest ‘Shocking’ innovation in IEDS. When the management at Synergy Business Development International moved off-shore they took with them all of its subsidiaries, a dedicated think-tank of specialists in their fields; so, developed the ‘Armed™’ family of Individual Extreme Defense Systems (IEDS). Management’s only concern at the time was the same as with any extreme weapon’s manufacturer, how do you keep the criminals from getting them. The ‘Armed™’ family consists of seven (7) individual Extreme Defense Systems with a number of different application configurations to best fit the wearer’s needs:
    • IEDS #1 is a 21st. century Multi-projectile based system, chemically infused optional,
    • IEDS #2 is a wireless Electronic based system,
    • IEDS #3 is an extremely High Pressure Gas/Liquid based system,
    • IEDS #4 is a Sound/Audio based system,
    • IEDS #5 is Chemical based system,
    • IEDS #6 is a Self-Igniting Plasma Projectile.
    • IEDS #7 is a Fully-Charged Wireless Micro-Electronic-Capacitor Stun projectile.

    All Armed™ products are manually activated, extremely fast acting, and in almost all cases deadly. Each system is designed specifically for instant close encounter life threatening situations. Situations like this have become too common with the ongoing disregards for authority; and, the increasing levels of illegal foreigners from countries invading the USA having no respect for America’s laws and law enforcement officers, let alone law abiding Americans.

  • Innovations in barrel Inserts to both save old firearms, and give existing firearms chambered in any caliber larger than .300 new lives through ‘cartridge flexibility’. These inserts also let you use smaller projectiles than the firearm was originally designed for, even down to .063 diameters for any Rim-fire barrel.
  • SAMS will significantly expand the legend of ELP innovations in product Engineering, Manufacturing and Distribution Services for the specialized small arms industry. Product Applications Engineering & Design. Design Of Experiment’s (DOE’s), Mono-type and Prototype builds, Pre-Production Soft-Tooling & Equipment development, Full manufacturing operations training and documentation, End-Of-Life Planning and Excess Product Distribution Solutions along with international manufacturing and distribution services.
12 GA 4 inch Display

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